Snake bite fear from kitchen invader

A PARAPLEGIC woman has told of her wait, not knowing if she had been bitten after disturbing a snake in her Campbell Town kitchen.

Clair Bellamy, who runs Heavenly Antiques at her home in Pedder Street, said she noticed a snake in her kitchen on Thursday night.

She said she almost ran over it with her wheelchair before she noticed it, and, because she had no feeling in her legs, she did not know if she had been bitten. 

The only way she could know for sure was to see if bite symptoms developed, but luckily she was OK.

Ms Bellamy rang Reptile Rescue and about an hour later the group's East Coast snake catcher, Bruce Press, arrived and caught the snake.

``I went to switch the light on and just missed running over it,'' Ms Bellamy said.

``I got a towel, a broom plus an old convict (heavy) door stopper just in case he came too close for comfort.

``I am an animal lover, but not a snake lover.''

Ms Bellamy said Reptile Rescue was a wonderful organisation and deserved government funding.

Mr Press, who still had the snake in a bag yesterday morning and was about to release it in bush near Lake Leake, said it  was a poisonous 70-centimetre copperhead.

He praised Ms Bellamy for her cool-headed response when she called Reptile Rescue on 0407 565 181 and kept an eye on the snake but did not disturb it.

He said it was illegal to kill snakes and it was unwise to try. They  would flee if they were allowed to  but an injured and cornered snake could strike.

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