Unwelcome intruders slither into suburbs

RECENT public sightings of snakes in and around Launceston highlight the fact that the snake season is well under way.

Reptile Rescue chief executive Ian Norton said individuals should be aware of snakes in urban and suburban areas after recent public sightings.

Mr Norton said snakes had been removed from suburban areas in Blackstone Heights and Norwood.

He said snake sightings in Launceston streets had also been reported.

"Those snakes arrive from under vehicles," Mr Norton said.

"Snakes are constantly looking for places to shelter, and cars provide a dark, sheltered and warm location.

"Once a car starts to move, the snakes hunker down until everything is quiet, and then they will come out to investigate their new surroundings.

"You can inadvertently become a courier of a snake into suburbia."

Mr Norton said he knew of one woman who was bitten by a snake while she was asleep in bed.

"It is believed the snake went through a hole in the flyscreen, and lay under her pillow," he said.

"She was lying asleep and offering warmth, when she rolled in her sleep.

"She felt a bit of discomfort, pulled back the blankets, turned on the lights and the snake was hanging off her left upper arm. She had been bitten three times."

Mr Norton said cats also had a habit of bringing snakes they had captured into homes.

"If heading out into bush areas, make sure you leave cars outside the garage for an hour or so, to allow snakes to move away."

For snake assistance call Reptile Rescue: 0407565181.

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