Community rallies to support Indiana 

JOYOUS little Indiana King will be using all her strength for the next challenge in her life.

The bright eyed Wynyard three-year-old is heading to Sydney next year for intensive therapy to help her gain movement in the right side of her body.

The North-West community is holding a fund-raising market at the Burnie High School gymnasium today to help  Indiana in her inspiring journey of survival.

Indiana had a stroke inside her mother's womb. She has hemiplegic cerebral palsy, has developed severe epilepsy, and had brain surgery when she was 10 months old that left her partially blind in each eye.

Indiana's mother Tammy King described her daughter as a feisty, headstrong, loving little girl who adored her siblings Melika, 18, and Jacob, 13.

``At her worst she would have 300 seizures a day. She would sleep 20 hours a day, and when she was awake she would seize,'' Mrs King said.

``(In surgery) they basically disconnected the whole right hemisphere of her brain . . . and it took her a long time to be able to learn how to eat solid food, and to sit up and walk.''

Mrs King said she was excited when she learnt that Indiana was a suitable candidate for the therapy that might let her regain the use of the right side of her body.

``It will hopefully rebuild the pathways in the brain to help her use the affected side of her body,'' Mrs King said.

``It is intensive therapy, five hours a day over three weeks.  I'm not sure how she is going to cope with it, because she is pretty headstrong and likes to do things her own way.

``It is going to be a challenge but if it works, it will give her a lot more independence with dressing, feeding, playing, and doing the things that people take for granted, like being able to use a knife and fork and being able to wash their hair with two hands.''

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